Every single participant had a unique importance and role in the program. This year INSPIRED BY@MediaBarCamp 2017 had parallel sessions in four seminar rooms on the themes: inspired by EQUALITY, inspired by CITIZENS, inspired by MEDIA and inspired by PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. In these rooms seminars, discussions, presentations and interactive workshops were running non-stop from ealry morning to late at night.

Inspired by EQUALITY was a theme for workshops, discussions, games, and movie screenings focusing on equality in a broad sense. Amongst others, gender roles, stereotypes in society, freedom of speech and environmental issues were topics treated. Inspired by EQUALITY gathered participants for discussion, promotion and analysis on these issues in local communities. Participants shared with one another how they deal with these issuses themselves and what could be done to keep these issues on the agenda.

Inspired by CITIZENS gathered activists who are socially responsible and ready to act in order to make a positive impact in their societies. Presentations, talks, discussions or other types of activities focused on urban issues and on spreading the power of activism in spheres such as housing, local government, election observation and influencing public opinion and attitudes towards local initiatives and improving community living conditions. .

Inspired by MEDIA offered activities and presentations within live streaming, cyber security, benefit of social websites, journalism and lot more. Tips and tricks on how to use media in a way that fits your specific information need, and how to avoid falling pray for trolling and false information were particularily popular subject.  The media theme attracted activists that were interested in learning how to use media as a facilitator in their activism.

Inspired by PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT worked with activists as individuals wanting to grow and develop from a personal perspective. Activities such as coaching, body management, sharing not only success stories but also failures and knowledge on how to motivate yourself and others were carried out in a safe and comfortable environment.

Day by day

The first day started with opening speeches and inspiring welcoming words from partners was a get to know eachother day with team building activities, and introduction to MediaBarCamp as an event and taking unforgettable Polaroid photos. In the evening we celebrated the 10th aniversary of MediaBarCamp with lots of cake, Danceoke and watching the Eurovision contest where Belarus participants sang in the Belarusian language for the first time in the history of the contest.

The second day started with presentations and workshops and other types of activities led by the participants themselves. All though the day themes for discussion were gender equality, environmental issues, civil activism and tips on media usage. Also, participants had an opportunity to participate, express their opinion and share ideas in a panel discussion on the topic “What does it mean to be an activist nowadays? New challenges and unexpected solutions”. The day eneded with evening movie screening and board games.

The third day, participants  kept sharing their experiences and delivering their workshops or presentations on various topics, that generated disuccions that continued all through out the day even out side of the presentations, in the hall ways, on the grass lawns and even in the toilets.  A second panel discussion was arrangerd on the third day on the topic “What should women do in politics?”, which spurred intense debates and discussions that lasted until the end of the event. It certainly generated a lot of feelings.  In the evening we watched the Eurovision song contest final, with fingers crossed for the Belarusian singers.

The last day, it was time to say good-bye, see you soon and reflect on what happened during INSPIRED BY@MediaBarCamp 2017. Again, using non-formal education methods and interactive activities participants were reflecting and thinking on what just had happened and what is next about to happen. As INPIRED BY@ MediaBarCamp 2017 encouraged participants be the change makers and help those who are in need, this day was dedicated to inspire participant to take actions and act on behalf of their communities.

#BestProblemChallenge  organized in cooperation with association ‘Creative Connections’.

A unique space was created for small regional teams of activists from different spheres to engage into dialogue and collaborative activity for deeper understanding of their local/regional problems. Over the four days of INSPIRED BY @MediaBarCamp participants were offered a step-by-step collective process to get to the core of their local problems which could be solved only in cooperation of different sphere activists. #bestproblemchallenge was interesting and engaging but also challenging opportunity to understand how the different experiences and people with different mind-sets could work together to respond to the real challenges of their communities.

If you would like to read about problem optimization issues, you can find more information here.

We were extremely happy and proud to celebrate the 10th anniversary of MediaBarCamp with so many inspiring, dedicated, active and intelligent individuals.