Every single participant played an important role in the program. This year INSPIRED BY@MediaBarCamp 2018 had parallel sessions in four seminar rooms on the themes: inspired by CITIZENSHIP-POLITICS, inspired by EQUALITY-HR, inspired by ENVIRONMENT-URBANISATION and inspired by MEDIA-ICT. In these rooms seminars, discussions, presentations and interactive workshops were running non-stop from early morning to late at night.

Inspired by CITIZENSHIP-POLITICS gathered activists who are socially responsible and ready to act in order to make a positive impact in their societies. Presentations, talks, discussions focused on experience and practices on how to activate local communities in regions, how to protect yourself during the actions and how to promote social initiatives attracted many participants. Talks about current global political trends and corruption also were popular.

Inspired by EQUALITY-HR was a theme for workshops and discussions focusing on equality in a broad sense. Amongst others, gender roles, as well as role of sex minorities, stereotypes in society and directions for modern female movement were topics treated. Inspired by EQUALITY-HR gathered participants for discussion, promotion and analysis on these issues in local communities.

Inspired by ENVIRONMENT-URBANISATION provide talks, presentations and discussions about urbanism for people with different interests, cycling as well as environmental problems and use of plastic in our everyday life. Participants shared with one another how they deal with these issues themselves and what could be done to keep these issues on the agenda.

Inspired by MEDIA-ICT offered activities and presentations within IT security, online tools, benefit of social networks and websites, journalism and lot more. The topics on how to use online tools (stream, social networks and websites, Google Spreadsheets), tips on how to use media sources in a way that fits your specific goal, and what media tools are necessary for the modern activist were particularly popular subject.  The media theme attracted those who were interested in learning how to use media as their activism tool.

Day by day

The first day started with opening speeches and inspiring welcoming words from partners was a get to know each other day with team building activities, and introduction to MediaBarCamp as an event and opening session Timeline100. In the late evening was held the night of Belarussian culture.

The second day started with presentations and workshops and other types of activities led by the participants themselves. The day themes for discussion were gender equality and discrimination, environmental issues, civil activism and tips on media usage. Also, participants had an opportunity to participate, express their opinion and share ideas in a panel discussion on the topic “Activism in hostile surrounding, personal stories”.

The third day, participants shared their experiences and ideas during workshops or presentations on various topics – language issues, youth problems, cycling, gender and sex minorities issues.  A second panel discussion was arranged on the third day on the topic “Not a women’s business? Secondary position of women in democratic politics and activity of civil society”, which spurred intense debates and discussions and generated a lot of feelings.

The last day was time to say good-bye, and to reflect on what happened during INSPIRED BY@MediaBarCamp 2018. Participants were reflecting and thinking on what just had happened and what is next about to happen. As INPIRED BY@ MediaBarCamp 2018 encouraged participants be the change makers and help those who are in need, this day was dedicated to inspire participant to take actions and act on behalf of their communities.

#TIMELINE_100 . During the event together with the facilitators was introduced #Timeline_100 method, which was oriented to stimulate positive reflection to the political, social and citizens-oriented activities in different regions in Belarus and retrospective within the 100 years. We arranged the space and time for reflection and possible future activities brainstorming. Answering how did this method contributed to your personal and organizational development, participants mentioned engaging activities and work in groups as useful experience. Other important points named by participants were useful insights during #Timeline100 and identification of problem they could use in their own projects.

The further work of #Timeline_100 method was followed by group work on the participants ideas/projects/initiatives development. A helpful tool for the participants was presented for the constructive work. Please use and share the scheme for your project planning! and let’s meet in INSPIRED BY 2019.

inspired by 2018