inspired by @mediabarcamp 2017

What to do in INSPIRED BY @MediaBarCamp? New possibilities to engage and contribute

Share your experience using the format that could best reveal what you do. Think of the format that could be most engaging for the other participants. What we suggest:

  • Presentation up to 5min (aiming to shortly present main aspects of your activities by using visual communication elements)
  • MBC talk up to 10 min (inspiring talk about the chosen topic)
  • Workshop up to 1h (practical, engaging session where participants can learn some skills, practically experience the topic/theme)
  • Dialogues up to 30min (exchanging opinions on a certain topic/theme with the aim to get a deeper understanding on topic’s/theme’s various aspects)
  • Screening up to 2h (documentary or topic based movie with the discussion after that)
  • Performance/action up to 30min (engaging, interactive activity aiming to involve, provoke the audience on a certain topic and speak to it through the language of action)
  • Simulation up to 1h (role playing activity)
  • Exhibition (presenting your ideas through artistic means of expression)
  • Evening activity (something that could be done in the evening)