The 11th international INSPIRED BY 2018 non-conference started a new decade of its work and took all participants to join each other for networking, cooperation and sharing of experiences for local change. INSPIRED BY 2018 took place in Druskininkai, Lithuania and hosted 118 participants from Belarus, Russia and Eastern Partnership countries. This years’ event has increased interest of work of political parties and activists, political topics and discussions, the work of activists from different sectors, specific gender problems, basic human rights understanding and, for sure, regional activist cooperation. 2018 has pleased us with a great number of regional projects. Common projects and activities of participants created friendly and trusty atmosphere not only for the time of event, but for further cooperation. We cannot withhold that INSPIRED BY 2018 has influenced a local program INSPIRED BY Region, which continues to work on series of events in many Belarusian cities, such as Brest, Grodno, Molodechno and Vitebsk. Taking inspiration from each other, our participants are going out of their borders and create new goals in order to reach a global impact.